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The Benefits and Reasons to Drink Hemp Tea

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The Benefits and Reasons to Drink Hemp Tea
Hemp tea can provide you with a wide range of health benefits that improve you
both physically and mentally in ways that other teas and medicines simply cannot.
The hemp plant is part of the cannabis sativa family of plants which has become famous for some varieties that contain a compound called THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana or “weed”. Hemp, however, contains negligible amounts of THC and instead has plenty of the beneficial compound called cannabidiol, or CBD, which is not psychoactive and is something our bodies need to function properly.

What Is Hemp Tea Good For?

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Hemp Tea Aids with Sleep

Hemp tea is caffeine free. It has been proven to work as a sleep aid in a number of scientific studies which you can read about here . One of the effects of CBD when drunk in the form of hemp tea is that it relaxes you and promotes a better quality of sleep. In cases where people suffer from reduced quality of sleep due to anxiety, CBD treatment proved to effectively overcome REM sleep suppression, allowing patients to actually rest at night.
Hemp tea has no hangover or morning drowsiness, allowing people to wake up feeling refreshed.

Hemp Tea Can Ease Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Since CBD is a cannabinoid, scientists believe that hemp and CBD tea helps our own cannabinoid systems to function and regulate inflammation and pain signals.
This is especially helpful for people suffering from chronic pain and who are reliant on addictive opioid medications for managing their pain.

So, What Is Hemp Tea?

Hemp tea can be made from the leaves, stems, and flowers of the hemp plant,
although it is more commonly made from just the flowers since they contain higher concentrations of CBD. Additionally, CBD is not a water-soluble compound, instead absorbing more readily into fats such as butter or oil, although it is possible to brew it with water which will just create a weaker brew. Adding something containing fat like butter, cream, milk, or coconut oil, gives the CBD and other compounds in the hemp something to bind to for a stronger and more effective tea.


The benefits of hemp tea and CBD are still being researched and we will all be able to learn much more as laws controlling hemp are relaxed around the world, but what we do know already is amazing and shows how beneficial hemp tea is for our  mental and physical health.
From reducing anxiety, relieving pain and inflammation, helping improve quality of sleep and much more, the future of hemp looks exciting as we learn more about its applications.

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