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The Benefits of Hemp Shampoo and Why It’s Good for Your Hair!

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The Benefits of Hemp Shampoo and Why It’s Good for Your Hair!
Hemp shampoo can work some pretty powerful magic on your hair if you give it a chance. There are a wide range of hemp shampoo benefits for your hair that you don’t get from other natural herbal products, and it is all thanks to the variety of nutrients, oils, minerals, and more that are contained within the hemp plant.
In the past, hemp has been shunned because it is part of the cannabis sativa plant family and was made illegal in many parts of the world as part of the war on drugs.
However, unlike its cousin cannabis plants that produce high concentrations of the psychoactive compound THC, hemp has virtually no THC and while the seeds from this plant contain virtually zero cannabinoids, the oil they produce which is then put into shampoos has a wide range of benefits for hair health.

So, What Are the Benefits of Hemp Shampoo?

It is important to note here that there is a difference between shampoo containing hemp seed oil and shampoo containing hemp extracts like CBD. The main difference here is that even though hemp seeds contain virtually no CBD and don’t stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system like how CBD does, it still contains great amounts of vitamin E, vitamin D, omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, and a huge number of other substances that are going to be working hard to improve the health of your hair.

Hemp Shampoo Promotes Hair Growth

Anyone suffering from poor hair growth and even hair loss is going to benefit from hemp shampoo thanks to the amazing effects of the omega fatty acids. It is well known that orally taking omega fatty acid supplements is great for the hair, nails, and skin, but when these come into direct contact with your scalp, they directly stimulate blood flow to the scalp and to every hair follicle which encourages the healing and growing process. These oils also provide vital nutrients to the hair follicles to ensure that they have what it takes to come back to life, and the coating of omega oils over the hair follicle also prevents unwanted substances from penetrating and doing damage.
These oils are also complimented by the D and E vitamins contained in hemp seed oil along with high amounts of magnesium and calcium, all of which are important ingredients for growing stronger, healthier hair that can be fed directly to the hair follicle through the shampoo.

Hemp Shampoo Repairs Damaged Hair

It also turns out that the levels of vitamin E contained in hemp seed oil and hemp shampoo work as an antioxidant. Oxidation in hair can occur due to bleaching and chemical stress, causing the hair to lose its pigment and fade in colour. Vitamin E helps to stop this process, ensuring that your hair retains its vibrant colour. Hemp shampoo also contains things called lipids, which are molecules which enter the hair strand and add elasticity which helps to prevent breakage and brings back that natural bounce to your hair.

Hemp Shampoo Is A Natural Moisturiser

Being a light oil, hemp seed oil is easily absorbed directly into both the scalp and hair to protect against moisture loss instead of sitting on the surface and creating an oily, sticky look. What sets it apart from other oils is that it also easily absorbs water which is transferred directly into the hair and scalp while preventing water from evaporating, creating a one-way screen where moisture can enter easily but can’t easily leave.

Hemp Seed Oil Prevents and Cures Scalp Infections

An itchy, dry, and damaged scalp is prone to a wide range of infections that can
wreak havoc on your hair, and along with the hemp’s ability to moisturize and
maintain scalp and hair health, it also has antibacterial properties to ensure that no infection has the opportunity to invade and do any damage. The hemp plant and cannabis plants in general are known for being hardy plants resistant to infections, and these properties are contained in their seeds which are in turn passed on tohemp seed oil. Hemp shampoo therefore is also effective at helping to alleviate scalp infections.
In terms of choosing the right shampoo that has all-natural ingredients, is good for the environment, and gives you something beneficial to ensure you keep looking your best, hemp shampoo is probably the best option on the market right now. The complexity of the hemp plant means that it contains a wide and complete range of vitamins, oils, and much more that will give your hair everything that it needs.
And because these plants can be easily and renewably grown in a way that doesn’t degrade the environment, you can rest easy knowing that you are doing right by the planet by using an environmentally responsible product.

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