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This store is called Hempstory, but what actually is our story?

It all began in 2015, when Linda Lindquist - who always had a huge passion for natural materials, healthy living and home-made things, and 25 years of experience in the Hemp Industry - received the question whether she would be interested in setting up a sister company of Sensi Seeds, a store – focusing on: HEMP!

Hempstory "Opening Soon"

She received this invitation with open arms, combined her studies in styling and media styling with bringing into existence a beautiful store called Hempstory. Together with her best friend Marijn Blaauw she made an old, dirty place into the beautiful, calm, inviting store that it still is today.

Hempstory opening Linda & Marijn

The vision then was to create a REAL hemp store, with REAL hemp products and make it look good, pretty and special.
Find the more high-end products made out of hemp, that would match the look and feel of the store. Selling hemp products, that have nothing to do with weed and coffeeshops, but show the exact opposite side of the plant and its possibilities… which really was not easy, since hemp products were very unknown back then. And they still are.
But they never gave up, and it grew into a precious, calming hemp oasis.

Over the years the team changed; there were more wonderful products added; the lay-out of the store changed every now and then; and up to this day, it still holds that same powerful feeling and story.

Nowadays the store is being run by Salvy & Eefje, who wish and work for hemp to be known from all over the world. Get it there where it deserves to be… in everybody’s homes, being a sustainable option for everyday products, clothing and more.

Hempstory now Salvy & Eefje

We at Hempstory want to tell the story of the magical Hemp plant.
We want to show you its stunning beauty, its amazing powers, its endless versatility.

We see Hemp as one of the most amazing materials to be used.
From our clothing, to our daycare, to the paper we use to write our grocery lists on. Therefore, it is important to normalize the use of the plant. By us, by you, by manufacturers, consumers, by anyone and everyone.

Make it accessible, for all.

We value taking care of ourselves and to do so in a way that involves taking care of the planet and taking care of the planet, indirectly means taking care of ourselves.

Hemp has proven to be one of the most sustainable, ecological, beneficial for the environment, and versatile plants that nature has to offer – from the moment the seed is being planted, to when the plant is harvested, to when it is processed and used.

Hemp naturally stands for everything we value.

At Hempstory we show the plant's true colours.
Touches of green and earthy tones, together with a light and natural appearance; something pure and true.
Hemp is a plant that is often feared, mistaken and underestimated – so appearance and presentation (sadly, but true) is an important thing to think about when working with Hemp.
The story behind a product is something we really care about, which is why we try to have a connection with the makers or their trustworthy wholesalers.
We want the products to be fair and made with the best intentions. For this reason, each of our products are being selected with a lot of care and attention. Best case scenario products don’t have to travel too far either, so it’s local produce.

We are on a mission to create more consciousness – to teach that the use of Hemp goes hand in hand with taking care of our planet.
It means making sustainable choices, choosing for eco-friendly brands that mindfully collect their Hemp, source their ingredients, and create their products.

Spreading our knowledge, sharing our love for the plant and our planet, and providing a wide range of quality Hemp products.

Let the customer experience, understand and then hopefully share the same passion that we have for the ever so astonishing Hemp plant.

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