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CBD Salmon Oil for Cats | Pop-Up Product

CBD Salmon Oil for Cats | Pop-Up Product


This Goldfish Amsterdam 3% CBD Salmon Oil is a new formula for small pets. 
Containing 3% molecular Swiss CBD (cannabidiol) combined with carefully selected certified salmon oil from Norway.

The combination of a lower dose of molecular CBD with the health benefits of salmon oil, creates a food supplement perfectly suited to support the wellbeing of your small pet. Guaranteed THC free, free from heavy metals, lab -tested & 100% natural and sustainable.

Goldfish Amsterdam’s 3% CBD Salmon Oil is made with micro -sized CBD particles, which allow for
higher bio-availability and faster onset of action. This molecular CBD interacts with your pet’s own cannabinoid-system (ECS), bringing much needed balance to the everyday
functioning of the animal’s body.

Ideal for daily intake of CBD for smaller animals like dogs, cats and kittens. Depending on your pet’s preference, spray the CBD Salmon Oil directly in the mouth or add it to the animal’s food.

1 Spray per kilo body weight
10ml Goldfish Amsterdam 3% CBD Salmon Oil contains about 170 sprays.

• Decreases stress; for example with hard noises or crowds
• Battles infection
• Supports the animals’ overall health
• Balances the body’s own cannabinoid-system
• Most pets like the taste