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Scrub, Sandalwood & Apple | Hempz

Scrub, Sandalwood & Apple | Hempz

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Instantly moisturise and condition of your dry skin with this Hempz Sandalwood & Apple Herbal Body Scrub. It polishes your skin by gently lifting away rough, dry, dull skin, while leaving it smooth, soft and supple. This polishing exfoliator contains pure hemp seed extracts, which counteracts contributing factors that produce dry skin. The body scrub has micro exfoliating beads and finely crushed hemp seed to make your skin soft and smooth.

Directions of Use:
For gently daily exfoliation, massage Hempz Sandalwood & Apple Herbal Body Scrub over your wet skin Rinse completely

For more intense treatment, use it with an exfoliation mitt or puff