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We are Hempstory!


The one and only Hemp store in and around Amsterdam.
A clean and green oasis in the often vibrant and busy city center of Amsterdam. This is where we show and sell a wide range of hemp products all connected to the healthy, sustainable side of the plant.

The purpose behind the store and its concept is to tell the story of Hemp.

A story about a beautiful plant with incredible versatile uses, beneficial to us and the environment in so many ways. A story we want to tell because of our love for nature and our wish to take care of our planet. 
Hemp is a way for us to do so for it has proven to be one of the most sustainable, ecological, multifunctional, versatile and beneficial for the environment - plants nature has to offer.

But, at the same time, it is also a story about a beautiful plant that is misunderstood by the world.
A plant feared by some, abused by others - with multiple benefits and uses, that are forgotten about or just not yet discovered.

Hempstory was created to put cannabis in a different light. To show its true colors. We make it our mission to show the beauty of the plant and its full potential.

With our light and natural appearance, we want you to experience hemp the way we experience it; as something pure and beautiful. Feel welcome in our store and take in the calming and brightening atmosphere. Take a seat and enjoy for a delicious hemp drink or have a chat with us.
We're a small team of women, all passionate about the plant and loving to explain you all about it. We are here to share our love for the plant and the planet. To inform and advise you and to answer all of your questions.

📍| Oudezijds Achterburgwal 142, 1012DV Amsterdam.
📞| +31 20 800 4900