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What are Pop-Up Products?

Next to our 'regular' products, we sell products under a pop-up concept.

The idea of this is that we give the opportunity to small and young hemp companies to present and sell their product at Hempstory. 
We place the product in our physical and online store and it can be bought, just like our regular products.

The difference is that the product remains to be property of the hemp company until it’s sold to a customer. It’s an in-consignment deal, where we pay for the products after we have sold them. 
It a win-win-win situation where:
Hemp companies get the chance to present and sell their product at Hempstory.
Hempstory gets a beautiful wide range, and variety of products to offer.

If you would like to present your own hemp products in our store/online shop, make sure to contact us!