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Aloë Vera, Cannabis Drink by Verway | Pop-Up


A super tasty (and healthy) Aloe Vera drink with Honey and Cannabis - The power of two power plants in one drink! 

All the great properties of Aloe Vera combined with the wonderful seeds of the hemp plant results in this unique power drink.
The seeds of the cannabis plant make an excellent contribution to a holistic and healthy diet. Not only are they high in carbohydrates and fibers, as you would expect from a grain or nut. In addition, these seeds also have numerous vitamins, minerals and good fats that are beneficial for good health. In contrast to conventional seeds, hemp seeds lack many toxins, which distinguishes them from soy or rapeseed, for example.

Hand harvested, gently cold pressed and bottled.

Recommended dosage: 3 times a day 30ml
Contents: 1 liter
Aloe Vera (85,55%), Honey (8%), Cannabis Seeds (Infusion) (6%), Citric Acid (<0,2%)