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CBD & CBG Tea | Pop-Up Product

CBD & CBG Tea | Pop-Up Product


Goldfish Amsterdam has a natural floral tea infused with CBD & CBG.
This organic blend with dried flowers and herbs is specially developed so that everyone can enjoy this pure tea without any additives of artificial kind.
This is what makes the tea really nice to either enjoy hot or cold.

The natural floral tea with CBD & CBG is carefully developed, with hibiscus, camomile, marigold, rose pedals, cornflower and liquorice root.
These flowers are known for their powerful health benefits and in combination with CBD & CBG strengthens this positive effect. 

Usage Floral Tea with CBD and CBG
Natural floral tea with CBD and CBG by Goldfish Amsterdam is preferred to drink cold brewed for preserving as much cannabinoids as possible. 

Do you prefer hot natural floral tea with CBD & CBG? Use the following preparation method for the best results
Boil water and let it cool down to about 60 degrees Celsius. The water is now still warm, but wil not burn you when it touches your skin.
Use one teaspoon of the tea per 160ml of water and let the tea sit and infuse for at least 4 minutes until the tea reaches the preferred strength. 

Serving Tips
For a better result and a higher amount of cannabinoid it's best to drink Goldfish Amsterdam Floral CBD & CBG tea cold brewed.