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Hemp Protein Shake Box


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Everything you need for a super tasty, healthy, plant-based shake!

Hemp milk is a natural source of good fats with omega 3 & 6.
Made from just three ingredients and no sugar, the light and nutty flavour of this milk is completely natural (& delicious).

Hemp seeds contains omega 3, 6 & 9, Amino Acids and GLA.
They are high in unsaturated fatty acids, high in fibre and protein and rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Hemp protein powder contains 50% natural proteins, 20% fibers and is a great source of fatty acids. 

  1. Grab your blender
  2. Add a dose of your favorite fruit
  3. Add 250ml hemp milk
  4. Add 30g hemp protein
  5. Add 1tbsp hemp seeds
  6. Mix
  7. Add 1 dose of Full Spectrum CBD Oil (optional)
  8. Enjoy